Need tips on acute care orthopedic nursing?

I sat down for an interview with a highly experienced acute care nurse and current orthopedic nurse practitioner to discuss insider tips for new ortho nurses.

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    Elizabeth Fields


    Meet my guest

    Elizabeth is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois working for their award-winning inpatient orthopedic surgery team. She has been a nurse since 2006, working medical, surgical, and cardiac units. She obtained her national certifications in both med-surg and critical care before completing her MSN in 2014. In 2020, she was nominated for Nurse Practitioner of the Year at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Elizabeth is passionate about medical missions and serving those without means/access to medical care.

    What did we discuss?

    1. Where she see new grad in ortho struggle the most
    2. Which surgeries you should know if you're working on an ortho unit
    3. A few cringe-worthy moments she's experienced at the bedside
    4. A few amazing moments with bedside nurses
    5. A few tips and encouargement for those starting a new job in ortho